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Be  a little Better...

...because what's better for your health, is better for the planet's health too!

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Be Better Box exists to help you transition to a more sustainable life, without compromising on quality.


We do this by curating a box of premium lifestyle essential and explaining to you why they are 'better' than the alternative.   We believe that what is '"better" for you is "better" for the planet too. 


We seek out brilliant producers who are passionate about  bringing a  'better', more ethical, customer experience across different elements of the sustainability spectrum; reuse, toxic free, plastic reduction, organic, plant based and closing the loop.


"New Luxury is the opposite of excessive consumption, it means respecting nature and the environment"    Vogue

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For our members there will be a "Be Better Informed"  option that enables access to our Supper Clubs and lots of fact based literature on the nuances of navigating the sustainable consumer market.   We will also interview every brand exclusively for 

Be Better Box about their values, so that you get to really know them. 


From Spring 2020 we will also have an online boutique so that we can bring you all the products that we love.





As Mum's we realised that our consumer behaviour, in its current form, is going to greatly impact our children's future.  So... we are on a mission to help everyone see that when you choose artisan producers who focus on; quality, passion and conscious production, you are actually choosing a return to true luxury.  True luxury treads more gently on our planet.  

However, initially we found that trying to consume sustainably felt like a downgrade and, frankly really hard work ....and quite a lot like being told off.  So we flipped that all on its head and decided to make it really easy to "Better" without compromising on quality". 


We do all the time consuming research and  brand sourcing, and we only recommend products that we actually use ourselves. So we make sure they are jam packed with pure high quality ingredients, ethics and closed loop thinking.  Then we pop them in a box and praise you for being "better" !

Be Better Box is the product of us having lived, studied and worked sustainably for 14 years  (overlapping with 25+ in luxury marketing).  In this time we grew to understand that a sustainable life is more than conscious consumer choices. It's a lifestyle choice, a desire to detox from chemically based  food and beauty products, slow down and adopt a clean living philosophy...Doing these things improves our physical and emotional health but also the health of the planet's health too.   

That doesn't mean that you need need to take up naked moonlight yoga (but feel free) or don a 1950's pinny (again, do you!). It's more an intertwining of the good scientific and technological advancements paired with a return to the benefits of some of the more gentle rhythms of the past.

As​ a conscious life is a balanced life, we re-connect you to natures cycles with a curated box each season.   In the boxes we bring you lifestyle upgrades that reflect key principles in sustainable development; local, cleanseasonal, ethically sourced and so much more.

We know that you are busy, so all you need to do is subscribe and with each box you become better;  better informed, better for your families health and better for the planet's health too. 

But for now... take a load off, subscribe and... do a little kitchen dance that you are making better choices for you and the planet.





"New Luxury is the opposite of excessive consumption, it means respecting nature and the environment" Vogue 2012



"Slow living means slowing down and thinking twice before you do something" Huff Post 2014

"plastic waste is clogging up the oceans, threatening marine life and  potentially our health.. "  there are many alternatives choices.. .               The Telegraph ,2019


A Circular Economy is a system aimed at minimizing waste and making the most of resources... proponents suggests a sustainable world does not require a drop in quality...               Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2019



Fast fashion is cheaply made, and designed to fall apart.  It exploits workers, and  its pollution is harmful to wildlife .  Slow fashion is more considered...

Who Made My Clothes, 2019


Non food crops such as cotton, rubber, and industrial oils put pressure on water resources.   As a result water scarcity affects billions of people  around the world, often in poor and disadvantaged areas. 

UN  2019

Why Be Better? 

the moment we start behaving as if we were in an emergency, we can avoid climate and ecological catastrophe. Humans are very adaptable: we can still fix this. But...we must start today. 

Greta Thunberg, 2019



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