As Mum's we realised that our consumer behaviour, in its current form, is going to greatly impact our children's future.  So... we are on a mission to help everyone see that when you choose artisan producers who focus on; quality, passion and conscious production, you are actually choosing a return to true luxury.  True luxury  treads more gently on our planet.  

Initially however, we found that trying to consume sustainably felt like a downgrade and, frankly really hard work ....(and quite often a lot like being told off).  So we flipped that all on its head and decided to make it really easy for you to "Better" without compromising on quality.  


We do all the time consuming research and brand sourcing, and we only recommend products that we actually use ourselves. We make sure they are jam packed with pure high quality ingredients, ethics and closed loop thinking.  Then we pop them in a box, and celebrate you for being "better" !

Be Better Box is the product of us having lived, studied and worked sustainably for 14 years  (overlapping with 25+ in luxury marketing).  In this time we grew to understand that a sustainable life is more than conscious consumer choices. It's a lifestyle choice, a desire to detox from chemically based  food and beauty products, slow down and adopt a clean living philosophy...Doing these things improves our physical and emotional health but also the health of the planet's too.   

That doesn't mean that you need need to take up naked moonlight yoga (but feel free) or don a 1950's pinny (again, do you!). It's more an intertwining of the good scientific and technological advancements paired with a return to the benefits of some of the more gentle rhythms of the past.

As​ a conscious life is a balanced life, we re-connect you to natures cycles with a curated box each season.   In the boxes we bring you lifestyle upgrades that reflect key principles in sustainable development; local, clean, seasonal, ethically sourced and so much more.

We know that you are busy, so all you need to do is subscribe and with each box you become better;  better informed, better for your families health and better for the planet's health too. 


We have had requests from our brilliantly supportive Founder Members for Christmas Boxes so that they can make their friends and family 'Be Better' too.  Never ones to disappoint we are making a limited number of curated Christmas boxes.  Full details will be announced by  15th November 2019.  All boxes will be £40 approximately;

  1. Organic Dog Spoils

  2. Detox and Re-balance

  3. Sleep Ritual

  4. Organic Male Grooming


If you are interested in pre-registering for one of these you can send us an email by clicking this link. 




From Spring 2020 we will also have an online boutique so that we can bring you all the products that we love.

But for now... take a load off, subscribe and... do a little kitchen dance that you are making better choices for you and the planet.