Workshops and bespoke supper clubs are a fantastic way to engage with the complexities of sustainability in a fun way. 


We can provide a Christmas voucher for any of the following options:


Large - arrange for a private supper club or workshop for a minimum of 6 people.  


Medium - Running in West London over 6 weeks.  This workshop will give you a deep dive into all of the areas that sustainability impacts your life and teaches you how to Be Better in your decisions for self, people and planet.


Small - attend a half day wokshop at a location in West London, we will have a maximum of 15 people at these workshps.  With plant based snacks and medicinal tea's


Menu of workshop ideas: 

Upcycled Headress Making

Pimp My Clothes

Make Organic Body Cream

Essential Oil Creator

Medicine In My Garden

Plant Based LIfe for a Sustainable Future

Introduction To Fermented Foods

Nutritionist led; Gut Health Basics

Transformational Breath

A Plastic Free Life

Drumming Workshop

Clean Upgrades In our kitchens

Clean Upgrades Bathroom Basics

Upgrades For our Children

Fast Fashion (or not)

Clean beauty or grooming regime

Plastic Detox on the go - holidays or workdays

Sustainable Living Workshop

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  • *we deliberately work with small producers to bring you the most sustainable, rare, high quality products.  Sometimes though this can mean low stock just when we want it... as such our box contents are subject to change to a similar products that we love for the same qualities.

    Packaging; we take great care in  lifecycle of the products that we curate.  Some items may seem that they come in plastic however we urge that you look more closely at the label for a sign that the container is biodegradable.

    We aim for plastic free, non toxic and biodegradable.  We also consider the societal and environmental impact of each product too.