Help your friends and family Be Better too.  A Be Better GIft Voucher can be applied to any Be Better Box, supper club, workshop or consultation service.


Voucher Values £25 +++


(order in multiples of £25 and let us know in the comments section if the gift is for one lucky person or different amounts to different people!)


We will send a beautifully dressed envelope that you can pop under the tree and give the gift of a sustainable home filled with beautiful premium products that care about your helath and the planet's too.  A home free of  harmful toxins.




Illana has lived, studied and worked sustainably for 14 years (overlapping with 25+ in luxury marketing)  She has grown to understand that a sustainable life is more than consious consumer choices.  Its a lifestyle upgrade, a desire to detox from chemically based beauty products that often starts with a clean attitude to food, slowing down and adopting a clean living philosophy.



Be Better Gift Voucher

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  • Be Better Box voucher can be applied to any Be Better Box, workshop, supper club or consultation service.


    *we deliberately work with small producers to bring you the most sustainable, rare, high quality products.  Sometimes though this can mean low stock just when we want it... as such our box contents are subject to change to a similar products that we love for the same qualities.

    Packaging; we take great care in  lifecycle of the products that we curate.  Some items may seem that they come in plastic however we urge that you look more closely at the label for a sign that the container is biodegradable.

    We aim for plastic free, non toxic and biodegradable.  We also consider the societal and environmental impact of each product too.