Detox  and re-balance  your home.


A toxic free home Is the secret to a better life for your skin, your gut health, your families short and long term health, your productivity and the planets health too!


A sustainable life is very much in Vogue however it is more that a trend it is a lifestyle upgrade incorporating fridge and pantry, bathroom cupoard, make up bag, wardrobe, childrens toys, cleaning cupboard, pots, pans, and soft furnishings.


You may choose a full home detox or start more simply with a focus on your beauty regime , your kitchen habbits or even a toxic free solution to packed lunches.  We are more than happy to create a personlised audit and upgrade recommendation in whichever area is your priority.


Illana will come to your home and first discuss your family values and what you want your detox focus to be on; zero waste, plastic free, organic home, no harmful ingredients in kitchen equipment, vegan lifestyle products, plant based living, gut health etc etc.


She will then take an audit of the products that you are currently using in your priority area space, explain the toxic elements of those products and then prescribe clean replacements.


WIth 14 Years academic, work and living sustainably (overlapping with 25 years in luxury marketing) Illana is best placed to help you navigate to a non toxic home that doesn't compromise on quality.


Consultation is half a day with additional add on consults optional.


If attending your home is inconvenient Illana can undertake the consult online with you..

Clean Living Home Consultation

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  • This is a half day consultation in your home.  Or online if you prefer.

    Additional consult slots can be scheduled.