This is a brilliant gift to yourself, or as a Christmas gift for someone that would like to rid their home of harmful toxins and upgrade to a home filled with, high quality aromatherapy oils.



Box Contents*: 

Lipsius organic hand poured candle

Kinn Living, Toxic Free, Home Cleaning range based on essential oils; 

Neroli laundry detergent

Neroli fabric conditioner

Sweet orange washing up liquid

Lavender bathroom cleaner 

Coconut kitchen sponge

Coconut kitchen brush



Large Box (Add on £22)

Small box contacts 

+ Blum and Black water purifying charcoal sticks




We believe that, in matters of the home, everything should be free of harmful toxins and awash with premium ingredients.... so we set about turning the most mudane of chores into a treat! 


This starter box upgrades your home to an aromatherapy filled haven free of toxins or plastics. 


Did you know when your candle has a black flame, that's the chemicals releasing into your home.... our candles are free from toxins...they do not have black flames!


The more we learn about the toxic levels in our home cleaning products the less it feels like cleaning, and the more it feels like poisoning ourselves.  Hormone disruptors, carcinogenics, respiratory inhibitors, all making our immune systems less able to function well.  It seems like madness doesn't it? To cause this much damage in the name of cleaning?


The Home Detox Starter Box will give a thorough cleaning solution to your kitchen, bathroom and laundry that is free from; Parabens, SLS, SLES, Phthalates, Musks, toluene, phosphates, PEG's (plyethylene glycols), Enzymes, Chlorine bleach, optical brightners and formaldehde.


Coconut cleaning sponge and wooden brush are also included, free of the micropolatics that seep into and suffocate our waterways.





Home Detox Starter Box

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