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Be Better - the supper's theme sets the stage for a new empowered consumer that finds their tribe in creative and considered choices based in ethics and the cultural biography of thre products that we buy.


Understanding that we are custodians of this planet for our children to inherit, how can we Be Better? 


This supper club will be a evening exploring a sustainable future, we will eat a plant based meal that doesnt compromise on taste, we will drink biodynamic wines as well as cheaky spirits tea's and tonics with hidden health benefits.   


There will be guest speakers to deepen our undersatnding of the wider impact on the world when we choose simple products for our homes such as a t-shirt or a coffee.


pre order your interest in this event - date and venue to be disclosed in January

Supper Club

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  • *we deliberately work with small producers to bring you the most sustainable, rare, high quality products.  Sometimes though this can mean low stock just when we want it... as such our box contents are subject to change to a similar products that we love for the same qualities.

    Packaging; we take great care in  lifecycle of the products that we curate.  Some items may seem that they come in plastic however we urge that you look more closely at the label for a sign that the container is biodegradable.

    We aim for plastic free, non toxic and biodegradable.  We also consider the societal and environmental impact of each product too.